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Who's Who?

“It is necessary for the teacher to guide the child without letting him feel her presence too much, so that she may always be ready to supply the desired help, but may never be the obstacle between the child and his experience.”                                    – Maria Montessori

meet our staff

Bambinos Montessori Nursery  is proud to have a well qualified staff team who are the key to our success. Our staff all have a variety of qualifications starting at NVQ2, degrees and Teaching Status for Early Years with many years of experience in childcare and teaching.

Educators at Bambinos Montessori Nursery are warm and friendly staff.  They have been carefully selected to join our team to ensure that our children's interests come first.  Staff have First Aid training and continue their childcare interests by attending relevant courses such as Special Education Needs, Makaton training, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene and Safeguarding courses to name a few through the support of the local authority.   We have also appreciated 'parents as helpers', This has been a positive reflection on our practise promoting excellent communication with parents and good relationships with all parents and carers; This has been awarded outstanding practise by OFSTED.   

As part of our recruitment process you will be reassured to know that we have strict guidelines with our process following the statutory requirements set out by OFSTED.  We begin by receiving up to date cv's followed by a telephone interview.  If successful we then invite the candidate for an interview.  This involves a quiz of important safety and childcare knowledge questions, a face to face interview with our deputy present, a full in depth look at their work history and knowledge is made.   Once successful a  half days trial is carried out.  During this stage we observe their practise and knowledge skills with children, the environment and staffs.  Once this is complete we will hold another interview stage to discuss work policies and commitments.  Each new employee will carry out a 6 month probation period.  During this time we regularly hold induction meetings, termly supervision meetings and have a yearly appraisal with all individual members. Criminal Record checks are also carried out prior to employment commencing.  All registered parents and carers are able to view this along with staffing qualifications.    

We  follow government regulations in staff to child ratio.   At current these are as follows:


children aged
3 years -5 years


children aged
2 years -3 years


children aged
3 months - 2 years

Meet our senior staff

Title Name Qualifications:



Mrs Sonya R Pannu
  • Early Year Professional Status - Kingston University
  • International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy MCI LONDON
  • BA Hons - Kent University UAL
  • Business Studies and Management - Level 5
Director Mr Amrit-Raj Pannu
  • BSc Hons - Royal Holloway University  
Management Mrs Gabriela Payne 
  • International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy MCI LONDON
  • NVQ3 Early Childhood and Education
  • HAP Management and CYP Level 5 
Management Mrs Sunita Lopes
  • Masters in Education - University of Bombay
  • Business Studies and Management - Level 3


Room Leader   -  - Miss Madhuri


  • NVQ 2 - Childcare and Education
  • NVQ 3 - Childcare and Education - COMPLETING 2021

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Nursery Educator - Miss Khueli

Qualifications :

  • NVQ 2 - Childcare and Education


Nursery Educator - Miss Franzila 

Qualifications :

  • NVQ 3 - Childcare and Education - COMPLETING 2021


Room Leading - Joint Leadership

Nursery Educator - Miss Jat 


  • NVQ 3 - Childcare and Education

Nursery Educator - Miss Marwa

Qualifications :

  • NVQ 3 - Childcare and Education


Team Room Leader (Ang/ Ama rooms)  - Miss Hetal 


  • NVQ 3 - Childcare and Education
  • Diploma Level 4 - Advance Childcare Practise & Management  - COMPLETING 2020


Nursery Assistant - Miss Nisha


  • NVQ 3 - Early Years Care and Education - COMPLETING IN 2020


Room Leader - Miss Amita


  • NVQ 2 - Childcare and Education
  • NVQ 3 - Early Years Care and Education  - COMPLETING 2021


Nursery Educator  - Miss Branca


  • NVQ2 - Teaching Assistant
  • NVQ 3 - Early Years Care and Education 


Nursery Assistant - Miss Raj


At present this room is unoccupied as a class base however a room used for Sensory play, Physical play and SEN Support activities are carried out here occasionally for more free space.

Nursery SEN Support Worker - Miss Branca, Miss Jat 

Nursery Cleaner 

Please note that there is a cleaner present on the premises from 4pm daily, Miss Sandra.


Occasionally we have student volunteers gaining an insight into our practise.  We are allowing them following an interview process to join our team to gain the necessary experience needed for working in childcare.  No volunteer will be left alone with children nor will they carry out an educator's role however a full enhanced DBS check is carried out. 


  • Special Educational Needs (SENCO) - Miss Gaby
  • Child Protection - Miss Sonya/ Miss Gaby
  • Behaviour Management - Miss Hetal
  • Equal Opportunities - Miss Sunita
  • Health and Safety - Miss Sonya
  • Fire Marshall- Miss Sonya
  • COHORT Lead - Miss Sunita 
  • Healthy Early Years London - Miss Sonya
  • 2 yrs Co-Ordinator - AMARINOS STAFFS 
  • Lets Talks (positive interactions) - Miss Gaby
  • Health & Well-Being Co-Ordinator - Miss Sonya 

We appreciate that all our staff are dedicated to childcare and have very good knowledge of the Montessori curriculum and the EYFS.  We also value that many people in our community wish to gain voluntary experience and this is highly appreciated at Bambinos Montessori too.